Market Bar

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Market Bar

14A Fade Street, Dublin 2

 Market Bar


This Bar is a place to have a snack or a proper dinner. Its a very spacious place where you can have a nice snack or may be celebrate a Bday. The tapas Menus is a mix of Mediterranean tapas. The most famous dishes for the Spanish are the Patatas Bravas, Lamb, Calamari, Meatballs and probably mucho more. My favourite are the calamari because they are very similar to the one you can find in Spain, not too greasy and the perfect taste. 

Calamari Market


The only dish I would recommend for them to cook, is the Spanish omelette is not include in the menu and its very easy to cook and everybody loves a real Spanish omelette.

This place has a Restaurant Grill and their specialities are the meats, very good cook meat. I would recommend this place if you want to have a snack and a few drinks at the same time, is perfect and there is always place.

Once my company organized a party in The Market, it was really good organise, they reserve an area upstairs that is just on top of the Bar, and we had platters with different Tapas, like cheak Pease with tomato sauce, Meatballs, Lentils with chorizo very extended quality food and everybody tried different food and enjoy this party.


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